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About RUGculture

Every home needs a statement piece. Whether that be a chandelier hanging regally in a foyer, or an assortment of flowers meticulously picked and arranged as a centerpiece to a table, each space needs a work of art to highlight it's character. According to husband-and-wife owners Ron Safarian and Nasrin Robinson of Rug Culture in Charlotte, North Carolina, that piece of art comes in no better form than a stately rug.

After first opening the doors to its Dilworth showroom in 2016, Rug Culture has served as a prime location to find beautiful, intricately designed rugs embodying the art and essence of Middle-Eastern cultures.

Each of the hand-knotted rugs displayed at Rug Culture exemplify elements of the Persian, Turkish, Indian, Pakistani, Nepalese, or Moroccan cultures that they come from, and are meticulously crafted over the course of many months. Owners Ron and Nasrin take special pride in sharing these special pieces of art with the Charlotte community that they have been a part of for over 20 years.


Ron uses the generational knowledge he has gained over the years of his family's experience in the rug business to personally work with each client or interior designer in the showroom o ensure the right rug is found for any given space.

Rug Culture tackles all stages for their recipients. If the showroom does not house a specific rug that a client is searching for, Rug Culture searches from a myriad of resources until the rug is found, and if you're struggling with which piece to choose, Rug Culture happily delivers rugs to homes and lays them so that clients may have the time to make a decision from the comfort of their homes. Finally, after a purchase is made, Rug Culture offers cleaning and repair services in order to help maintain the brilliance of their valuable pieces. 

Rug Culture continually strives to bring the best options from top international producers in rug furnishings to the Charlotte metropolitan area, and with the attention to detail and dedication to excellent service that they provide, it's easy to see how Rug Culture has been one of the top providers of rugs in the city they love.

Reprinted with permission from QC Magazine, article author Chandra Fletcher.